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Type of Denim and When To Pull It Right.

One of the most reliable gears for men is denim. The durable and rigid look preserves a style that can really be worn for any occasion. Denim uniqueness lies in the character it develops on every time it’s worn. Now the variants in denim are wildly popular but somehow many disregards the fact that a different type of denim is made for different use. The thickness, weight, colors, and folds all contributes in making a different feel to each denim variants.

1. Raw Denim

A raw denim doesn't go into the pre-swash stage where denim fabric is washed to unstiffen the denim. Therefore the raw denim is strong, rigid, and may still have a shrinkage. The colors will stay the same in the long run but will lithe and fade in the places that are directly affected by the wearer as so it would build a unique character based on the wearers. Raw Denim usually goes with a natural tone color set, a perfect fit for rough outdoor activity enthusiasts, motorcyclist, travelers and your daily adventures.

2. Pre-Washed Denim

More flexible and comfortable compared with Raw Denim, this is what most people usually owns. As it is pre-washed, the colors over time will lithe and the fade has already been placed by the manufacturer. Pre-washed denim can be used at any time and any day as it can be copped with many different styles and still look perfect.

3. Stretch Denim

A mixture of denim with spandex, and Stretch denim would be the outcome. The elastic substance would make the denim far more flexible and give more freedom to move around. This type of denim is perfect for any activities that need you to keep moving for a long period of time and still looking fresh throughout the day.

4. Poly Denim

This type of denim will be mixed with polyester to make it lighter and suitable for formal or semi-formal occasions. Usually loved by the oldies, Poly Denim rises to fame once again as it enhances a vibrancy of relaxed formal wear. Use this in your meetings and other daily jobs rituals to give a highlight in your style and some conversation starters with your acquaintances.

5. Black Coated Denim / Waxed Denim

It is basically waxed or applied with a layer of black acrylic to gives a subtle glossy look. While the color will eventually skin off, this type of denim is perfect for hangouts and dates to accompany with a semi-formal upper. The “high-fashion” look would give you a notoriety of knowing when to pull off the right style in any given day.

6. Selvedge Denim

Selvedge denim is not a type of denim fabrics; rather it’s a fold that hangs on to the end of the denim. This would give a sleek and more subtle trim in your denim, usually applied to raw denim. While this trend is up for grabs, good selvedge denim would give the wearer a nudge to modern aesthetic in their denims.
The perfect way to understand denim is really just to try them on once in a while, as each type of denim would give a different experience. Finding your suitable denim match would definitely up your style nevertheless.