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Top 12 Picks Sneakers Brands From Indonesia

Each one of us has different kind of fashion preferences and styles. Some might seek for dandy kind of look, some others might just want to appear manly and sporty. But a lot of us must have wanted to go casual without decreasing the chance of being classy. Our #COWOKALEM Chicco Jerikho is one of them. Being an actor and entrepreneur who’s into various kind of sports including running and swimming, Chicco should be able to pick the best outfit especially when it comes to footwear.

Here are our top 12 picks of sneakers brands from Indonesia that are casual, classy, sporty and manly all at the same time.


1. HAVEHAD x (LTX Series)
When talking about casual shoes, Havehad shall not be forgotten. On their recent collaboration with – a collaborative platform that emphasized on quality content, impeccable design and unparalleled storytelling – Havehad presents LTX Kolektif, simply-designed white sneakers suitable for your casual look and daily outfit.


2. Zevin (Jogger Brown)
Known for their classy, sturdy and prestigious type of shoes, Zevin shall be a part of this top picks. Their high quality leather shoes, one of them being the Jaeger Brown sneakers, will enhance your pride and make your look even classier upon wearing it.


3. BNV (Velvet Low Top Sneakers)
Believing in a saying that says “perfect pairs of shoes lead you to the right place”, BNV presents one of their pioneer collections, Velvet Low Top Sneakers. It’s a representation of a true expression of one’s personal style; layers of black with classic design that gives of a sophisticated-kind of feel.


4. Sourire (#CYCAD: 57 Lacetotoe Sneaker – Green Army Suede ft. Manjze
If you want to go casual but tired of using the typical black or white sneakers, Sourire will be one of the suitable answers. In collaboration with Manjze, Sourire presents #Cycad: 57 Lacetotoe Sneaker that is available in Green Army Suede, made for you who wants to complete your daily garment with a little touch of manly and tough kind of footwear. More about the collection can be seen here.


5. Ftale Footwear (Lastmaker Brushed Brown)
It is essential for men to wear shoes that you can wear to both formal and non-formal occasions, and Ftale Footwear provides just exactly what those men need. With the pairs of their Lastmaker in Brushed Brown, you can enjoy stepping on a curated high quality leather pair of wingtip shoes that is not only comfortable but also suitable for any kind of outfit.


6. Piero (Jogger Premium)
While the other top picks focus on delivering classy and sophisticated but still casual kind of look, this one goes a little bit different. Piero, a local brand that pushes boldness in individuals to try new things, presents the Jogger Premium that is suitable to complete your casual-sporty garment. If you seek for comfort, Piero shall be it.


7. League (Kumo 1.5 Red)
Being a sporty man who also seeks for a classy look will not be easy if you can’t find the right pair of shoes. League, fortunately, has everything you need. Their series of Kumo 1.5 that comes in energetic Red should be in one of the top choices of your sporty and casual look, as it comes with Air Technology, stretchy material, super light-weight and sophisticated design.


8. BRODO (Kaze Navy)
Just like how the brand defines it, Brodo Kaze is definitely suitable for an active man with a classy style. Enjoy the comfort to walk with Kaze in Navy, a recent sneakers from Brodo that is made from selected best material supported by thermoplastic rubber outsole that makes it anti-slip.


9. Succoth Studio x Izhkia Footwear (The Godly Project)
In collaboration with Izhkia Footwear, Bali-based brand Succoth Studio recently presents The Godly Project, a collection of sneakers coming in different colors. We recommend you the one that layered in light brown with rubber outsole that enhances comfort and gives off a classy vibe.


10. Amble Footwear (Jarvis Grey)
Still embracing the classy and casual look, you should not miss Amble Footwear’s Jarvis Grey. The pair of shoes made out of excellent fabric for the upper and best quality synthetic leather lining that gives high comfort will complete your daily outfit and will even make it look a lot classier, but still simple.


11. Portee (Sneakers Project)
Pursuing their journey of providing high quality leather shoes topped with customers’ customization, Portee has just recently launched the Sneakers Project that comes in various color, but to complete your casual outfit, we’d recommend the one that comes in Black Leather. Topping that, you may also customize the model of leather and outsole combination accordingly to your preference, a chance for you to become creative while working on your garment.


12. Tomkins (Snowden)
Last but not least, we recommend a piece from Tomkins, the Snowden. The simply-designed sneakers that comes in black and white is in our top picks for its classy vibe and comfort. Moreover, you can mix and match these zipped sneakers to any kind of outfit color.


Those are our top 12 picks of local sneakers brand from Indonesia that might be up to your likings. You can use the preference to complete your daily outfit and enhance the classiness within you while still being casual. Which one suits your style the most?