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Things To Wear On Work/Weekend

Chicco style is derived from the subtle move of a low-key guy. The outfit conspires to look casual yet professional at the same time, it's the flexibility that is accounted for. A guy who looks loose but has it all at the same time. You may also want to try to incorporate those style elements in your daily routines because we truly believe that less is more and simple is better. Try this fit to portray your professionality and still get that chill weekend vibe going.

Here are some fashion outfits we stole from Chicco's style:

The first look is made up from a set of casual tones. A Workdone & Co Mandarin White Shirt for the top kindly matches with Mischief Denim for the bottom. Pulling out those Hale Fine Shoes for your feet and top it off with a Brodo "Bossa" Leather Messenger Bag and a PMP Coach Jacket to give a notch of street fashion in the mix.


The second look conspires to give a complete feel with a Manungs Indigo T-Shirt for the upper and Brillington Brothers Suit to complete the specialized look. Komma "Andries" Pants Grey for the bottom and Havehad LTX Black to up your kicks. Finish it all off with Scissors Paper Rock's Hatori Backpack for a more casual feel.


The third look is marinated with Maroo Co 145 Green Overall Corduroy Jacket with Taka "Interpreted Black PQ" Short Sleeve Shirt for the top mix-up, fitted with any chino's for the bottom, put a charm on those sole with BNV Sneakers and Imagery's Clark Daypack II filled with your daily essentials.


Chicco's overall style is very much effortless. A more simple attitude but still mixed with a rugged fixture highlights Chicco's intention in his fashion looks. So which look do you think are suitable for you? Hit us up in the comment section below.