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Music Playlist for #CowoKalem

Imagine being at the shore of the sea with a cup of coffee by your side. Or simply imagine being in a room full of nothing but a calm stillness. Wouldn’t it be perfect to be accompanied by a selection of chilling and alluring music? Here are our selections of 6 local bands and musicians whose songs will drift you to paradise.

1. Sore

Debuted back in 2004, Sore is a well-known indie band from Jakarta that, as of this far, has launched up to 5 albums. Their latest one, “Los Skut Leboys” has climbed over the charts and is definitely worth listening to. Once their music hits your ears, this collage rock-slash-psychedelic band will switch your mood up indeed.
Recommended track: Setengah Lima (Ports of Lima, 2008)


2. Banda Neira

Unlike Sore who performs as a whole band, Banda Neira consists of merely two friends sharing the same taste of music. This band (as they like to be referred as, not a duo) is known for their deep and relatable self-written lyrics as well as their soft and easy-listening music. Definitely suitable for a break in your busy afternoon, with your eyes closed and lips singing along to the songs.
Recommended track: Hujan di Mimpi (Berjalan Lebih Jauh, 2013)


3. Senja Sore

Started off as performers on several local campus events, Febry Rufiandhy and Aditya Sidhi finally decided to take a step further by calling themselves ‘Senja Sore’. Their name is now known as a climbing acoustic duo with fresh and soothing music armed with beautiful lyrics and messages.
Recommended track: Dialog Hujan (Bersenjagurau, 2015)


4. Katjie & Piering

Two pure talents merged into a soul; that’s probably how we can describe Katjie & Piering. The combination of contemporary and traditional music formed by a musician couple – Sigit from ‘Tigapagi’ and Ayayay from ‘Baby Eats Cracker’ – manages to give a whole new feels you probably have never encountered before.
Recommended track: Kinanti (Self-released, 2011)


5. Tigapagi

Tigapagi was formed back in 2006 with a whole new concept of inserting Sundanese pentatonic rhythm to chamber pop music. Influenced by worldwide musicians such as Kings of Convenience, Bob Dylan, even Slow Dive and Explosions in The Sky, Tigapagi offers a soothing selections of experimental folk – acoustic pop suitable to greet your morning and end your night.
Recommended track: Alang-Alang (Roekamana’s Repertoire, 2013)

6. Pandai Besi

Wanting to explore something new, two members of well-known alternative indie band Efek Rumah Kaca Cholil Mahmud and Akbar Bagus decided to form a unit band they called ‘Pandai Besi’. The band offers fresh re-arrangements of ERK’s songs with different styles and feels but still as worth-listening as ever.
Recommended songs: Di Udara (Daur Baur, 2013)


​Try to put them in one playlist and listen to it when you’re about to start your day, during your break amidst all the busyness, also when you’re about to sum the night. Which one of them happens to be your favorite?