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How To Act Like #CowoKalem

Being calm and critical is what #CowoKalem is all about. From doing things with a purpose to composing himself in every situation, #CowoKalem needs to understand each condition as neatly as possible.

First, #CowoKalem unpredictability and confidence strongly push his label to his surroundings. His way of mingling through his social life admires listening more than telling his story. That way he would understand many things and would prescribe each detail to care his friends and his surroundings.

Second, #CowoKalem would do things differently than most other people would do. His love for the outdoors drives him to run a couple of miles through the beach or highlands. He also never takes his task for granted, he would do what his heart tells him to do but still minds the peoples around him.

Thirdly, the very essence of #CowoKalem is knowing what he is doing. His very action reflects on his resolute ways and does everything with perfection in mind. Whether it's just a simple coffee brew or a complicated dish, he would deliver them whole-heartedly. Balancing every technique in the book to match his own signature.
#CowoKalem reflects on guys who has that composure in dealing with life's complicated mess. The soothing feeling it resonates will definitely make the room has that extra warmth. Are you a #CowoKalem type of guy? Comment below and show us your thoughts.