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Here's What You Need To Know About #COWOAXE

A true gentleman puts everything on the table, knowing your unique character and live it to its fullest potential. The benchmark of being a gentleman is portrayed through AXELERATE The Series to show you the real life experience of #COWOAXE represented by Keenan Pierce, Arifin Putra, and Chicco Jerikho. How people tolerate men's journey sometimes got totally ignored, living other people expectation instead of your own. #COWOSABI, #COWOKELAS, and #COWOKALEM are in the spotlight for telling their very own life experience that molds them to what they are now. Here are the three different personas and charismas that boldy represent what everyman should be:


The adventurous vibe can be felt right from the bat. #COWOSABI showcases a style that many Indonesian men fancy, where creativity transcribes his whole lifestyle yet still keeps that geeky childhood character in shape. The friendly and easy going character of #COWOSABI captures a sense of independence in his life and his mind on doing business is on point, really has a solidarity towards the society he is in. The cool thing about #COWOSABI is that his wardrobe is all about iconic trendy fashion, whether he wears it or makes it a trend.


It's not about luxury or glamor, #COWOKELAS demonstrates a class-above-all lifestyle. He knows his goals and the value of his action. This act of #COWOKELAS hides a counteract that balance his action throughout his routine. The type of man who knows how to treat a lady. His passionate endavour towards high art, classy jazz music, implacable dining experience, and the details that follows mold #COWOKELAS to be a true gentleman. 


#COWOKALEM moves quietly and steadily to find his voice and could easily surprise a lot of people. A mysterious vibe shouts through his tenacious yet subtle actions. His garment choices strongly represent a snobbish kind of guy that know his way around. A passionate guy who doesn't like doing things inside the safe zone, he firmly decides to do things on his own terms. #COWOKALEM pursues a low-key attitude in his outfit yet preserve that sophisticated character he solely owns. 


At the end, these 3 #COWOAXE showcase their perspective on how to be your truest self. AXE hoped that you would live your life to its fullest potential, whatever your attitude in life is. Live a passionate life towards the future and you will reap the success of it.