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Curated Local Accessories For Men.

Men's fashion has evolved throughout the years, especially for Indonesian. The transcendence of street culture evokes Indonesian to indulge in the culture of streetwear fashion. Many overlook the importance of accessories in men's fashion, the little details that keep a style look sharp. Here're some curated accessories for you to consider:

Saturdays, Glasses
Saturdays have built some amazing frame to trigger creative minds infinding inspiration. The modern yet classy look conspire to give that sophisticated feel in your everyday wear. The rugged and strong frame could definitely withstand your urban routines.

NAM Watch Co., Watches
With a minimalistic idea in mind, NAM Watch Co. brings an invaluable watches for an affordable price. The design plot is to portray casual watches in a different vibe. Its tangibility really perceived
everything a watch should have, an easy display of time and style.

Life Behind Bars, Bag
The brand was started with a goal in mind, which is to initiate and develop products based on urban cyclists' needs. They aim to create durable, functional and stylish goods, which they have represented on the series of backpacks they're currently offering. These bags portray how LBB strives to cater for their needs, essentially functional and bombproof utility products. 

Relic Almanac, Jewelry
Bringing only the best products to ship even worldwide, Relic Almanac has been known as one of the pioneers among other local jewelry lines in Indonesia. The materials used are all carefully sourced from selected craftsmen and assembled by ingenious hand. The brand offers a variety of jewelry including bracelets, pendants, and rings - each of them holding different sort of meaning and philosophy. 

Mark and Tims, Hats
Instead of snapbacks, you can also try using fedora provided by Mark and Tims. The Bali-based brand aims to aspire its users and give more colors to life by offering series of hats in different designs, patterns and variety of colors. These hats will eventually make your looks appear laid-back yet still glamorous.

Accessories are made to punctuate your everyday style. A mix and match
is wildly needed to know what fit your style and what's not. Among the brands we suggested, which one suited you the most?