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Clean Your Sneakers: Here's What You Can Do

Everyone is hitting the sneaker game to a whole new level, as many brands start to devour the market with many iconic and different types of sneakers. Whether you like it or not, a spotless, "brand new" sneakers definitely has a different vibe to it. The design would pop out and your shoe game could easily be recognized by other strolling sneaker heads.

A rough looking sneakers is not a sin. Some sneakers are made for a rough and dirty look, but clean sneakers usually end up with the character it was meant to be at the first place.

The other reason to keep your shoe unsoiled is just to have a longer lifespan. Unique fabrics and designs of modern sneakers require a different personal touch to scrape all the rough Indonesian environment.

​Here's a list of things you can easily do to keep your sneakers sharp and clean:

1. Before anything else, know your fabrics.
Every shoe has its own character and you want to preserve that character as long as you can. Suede, Leather, Canvas, Flyknit, and another different type of fabric requires a different approach to clean it.

2. Whenever you hit a stain, try to clean it as soon as possible.
Don't make the stain dry, pull a damp cloth or baby wipes and retouch every side that has a stain. Clean it thoroughly and be patient as some stain requires more wipes to clean.

3. For suede and leather - Use minimal water.
Use as minimal of water as you can, so to not mess up the fabrics . Wipe it patiently and use a dab and twist motion to work out for the extra stains.

4. Use a brush to clean that stubborn stain.
When a cloth can't do much, a brush should be your friend. Do a circular motion on the stain and it would pretty much pull out those nasty stains. Add a little bit of shoes cleanser liquid to fasten this process.

5. Rinse and soak your laces.
Pull all the laces out and rinse it in a detergent-filled water bowl, let it soak for a bit.

6. Use modern tech to protect them.
We're not talking about a machinery but a water-repellent spray. It'll definitely help you a lot when you're hitting the wilderness or a wet environment.

7. Hit your local shoe and sneakers care center.
Yes, there is a shop to specifically clean your sneakers and yes, they are very much reliable. Some of our favorite spot to clean is at Shoe Bible in Pasar Santa,  Look Waxy at BSD City, and Jeeves of Belgravia in Jakarta. Go check them out.

​With all the sneaker scene dropping new kicks every day, a clean "fresh" sneaker can give a sharp look to up your shoe game. So grab those shabby pairs and clean them up. It only takes less than 10 minutes to get them all polished up.