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5 Top Picked Travel Destinations for #CowoKalem

Ever thought of going for a getaway? As #CowoKalem, it is a given that you might find yourself looking for a quiet place for your busy mind. If you’re tired of coming to the same beach, island, or coffee shops over and over again, you might find these selections of travel destinations you’ll regret not visiting.


1. Kereta Pustaka

If you like spending your time in a library, Kereta Pustaka might be the most suitable choice for you. You can enjoy reading, working or even watching an installed 32-inch television upon riding the train. This library is designed in a way you can spend time on it comfortably; pictures of local heritages are also installed to preserve Indonesian culture.


2. Pulau Bulat, Kepulauan Seribu

Pay a visit to Kepulauan Seribu without forgetting to hop to Bulat Island. The name of this island is taken from an Indonesian word which literally means “round”, representing the shape of this small, but worth-visiting place. Not only does it have beautiful white sands all over the ground, Bulat Island also offers great spots for you to witness the sunsets.


3. Labuan Cermin, Kalimantan

You have yet to travel the entire Indonesia if you haven’t visited this place. Labuan Cermin – located in Kalimantan Timur – offers a perfect experience for you who enjoy swimming, snorkeling, or a simple sight-seeing. It has such a clean, natural surface you might even mistake it as waterless lake. Definitely one of the best choices to free your mind.


4. Pondok Kopi, Semarang

Although they don’t have the best coffee, they do have the best view. Pondok Kopi is an outdoor cafe located in Umbul Sidomukti, Semarang. Come during the day and you’ll be greeted by the bright sky along with the birds’ lullaby. Come during the night and the ocean of stars will be your dear friend. Pondok Kopi is, indeed, the right place to drop your heavy shoulders and bring back calmness.


5. Klinik Kopi, Yogyakarta

Klinik Kopi might as well be heaven or Earth for true coffee lovers. Not offering menu like common coffee shops would do, Klinik Kopi will ask what sort of coffee you enjoy drinking and serve it right away. They don’t have milk or sugar – that’s how idealist this place is – but they can guarantee the taste won’t hurt your tongue. Klinik Kopi is the right place for you to learn and experience what coffee really is about.


So, which one of them takes you to the right paradise?